Four Seasons Tree Care are The Tree People.

Trusted by The Department of Conservation, Christchurch City Council, CERA, and thousands of other businesses, organisations, and households across the South Island.

We can dispatch a tree crew within 24 hours, for any commercial need.

We’re a CCC-approved contractor and an accredited supplier with some of the largest construction companies in Christchurch.

We are certified arborists, adhering to all MBIE best practice guidelines, exceeding all environmental and health and safety compliance in all aspects of vegetation management and removal.

With a Head Office in Christchurch and depots in Lyttelton and Banks Peninsula, we offer a wide range of services to property owners across the South Island.


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Specimen Tree Specialists

We pride ourselves on caring for some of the most beautiful trees in Christchurch. Specimen trees add value to a property but can require specialist knowledge to keep them in their best health. From entire Arboretum to individual trees, we provide on-going care and maintenance regimes to protect these special assets.


A qualified arborist is also trained in health management and risk assessment of trees and the wider environment within which they grow.

Preventive maintenance helps keep trees in good health while reducing any insect, disease, or site problems. We can manage the on-going health of all trees on your commercial property.

Our consultant arborists can help you to identify potential problems before they turn into more costly or life-threatening issues.

We offer individual tree and  full property evaluation reports which include;

• characteristics profile
• health and disease report
• site conditions surrounding the tree(s)
• tree defects
• full tree hazard assessment and abatement report

Crane Dismantle

Crane Dismantles can be recommended for very large trees that are situated in restrictive work areas or confined within an urban environment. It can often be that pruning or dismantling them using typical tree surgery methods is not cost effective. Using crane dismantle can allow for the tree to be dismantled in a more efficient time frame with the wood being processed at a safer location.

Highly experienced climbers and groundsmen work closely with the crane operator to ensure that trees are sectioned up efficiently and safely with minimal disturbance to the ground below.

We are also able to arrange for road closures where necessary and will advise on the most effective working procedures on a tree by tree basis.

Land Clearance and Vegetation Removal

If you are building a new home or preparing for a new sub-division, land clearing or vegetation removal to prepare for new projects can provide you with the advantage of a blank canvas.

Vegetation removal also includes identification and clearance of noxious weeds.

Certified STMS (Site Traffic Management Supervisor)

Road traffic control involves directing vehicles and pedestrian traffic around a work site.
This ensures a safe work site that adheres to health and safety regulations.
The STMS has specific duties and has ultimate responsibility for overall traffic management at the worksite.

Environmental Rope Access

We can provide rope access solutions with safe working techniques at height when only natural anchors are available.
Environmental rope access is used when working on trees from cliff faces and edges. It is used in cases of eradication of noxious weeds and tree removal from cliff faces and edifices.

Tree Transplanting

We own the largest south island based mechanical tree spade. We can move any tree anywhere.All transplanting projects are delivered with a care and maintenance schedule to ensure optimum project success.

We can move trees with a trunk diameter of 19cm at 30cm above ground level.
Weight of the removed plug and root plate 532.06 kg, Width of the earth removed around the tree 111.76 cm, depth of the root/earth plug removed 101.60 cm.

We move trees and palms that are larger with an excavator and hiab truck.

Environmental Consultancy

Developing and implementing an appropriate plan can be critical to ensuring that relationships with stakeholders are maintained and or improved.

We have a very experienced  Environmental Officer and geographic information systems (GIS) consultant who is available by appointment to discuss your requirements.

We can provide you with expert advice and solutions on a range of environmental issues.

Sensitive Environments

Tree trouble over streams, lakes and on cliffs above the sea?

No problem, we use biodegradable products wherever possible.

We have a specially modified support vessel in the water to enable the removal of wood and debris.

Full environmental impact plans are always adhered to.

Tree Consultancy
Tree Consultancy
Environmental Rope Access
Environmental Rope Access
Mature Tree Transplanting
Mature Tree Transplanting